Our Story

A Educational and Institutional furniture making company, Schoolfirst was founded in the heart of Pakistan in 1964. Additionally, we are the Nation’s first Educational Furniture solution provider. Furthermore, we are dedicated towards providing high-quality, ergonomic school furniture to educational institutions all across Pakistan.

However, We have a wide variety of products for classrooms that you can choose from; ranging from school chairs, study tables, whiteboards, office desks , laboratory furniture and many more.

Schoolfirst has a long history and a vast experience of having executed hundreds of projects for many high reputed schools. Hence, it is our aim is to provide you not only excellent quality school furniture but with exceptional service as well.

Our Aim

Our aim is to provide the best quality  Furniture to the Educational Institutes. In addition, need to fulfill the requirement of all students. Thus, our aim is to provide a prime environment for the students across Pakistan.

Similarly, our main focus is to increase the importance of durable Educational furniture. Hence, it plays a vital role in the effectiveness of a student’s learning. Particularly, Child’s health is the main concern for us. Like, comfortable and functional designed chairs will support the natural movement of our body and different postures of the body. Obviously, accurate postures of our body benefited our physical health.

Undoubtedly, It is our duty to incorporate best standards furniture in school to get quality education in a comfortable manner, As a result, students get physically healthy and they will be more concise towards their studies due to healthy body.


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