Chemistry Lab School Furniture

Schoolfirst provides avant-garde school furniture, including Chemistry Laboratory furniture.  As well as our aim is to provide a platform for students to nurture the budding scientist within them. In addition to our furniture shop, you can furnish your laboratory with the latest hi-tech imported components for a superior learning experience.

Schoolfirst built labs around the needs of its clients, we offer standard & bespoke solutions for the unique needs of our client. we pride

Schoolfirst has perfected the chemical, biological lab making technology. Hence, our labs are being used by the most premium institutes and organizations, all over the country. At Schoolfirst 's furniture shop, we are proud to offer extensive and admirable quality lab furniture and types of equipment for students' comforts, safety, and protection.

Science laboratories are huge investments for any school organization and it is applicable for many years without any failure. Before taking a decision about laboratory furniture, School must consider some important attributes regarding durability, flexibility, comfort, and customization. When designing Laboratory furniture, the main goal is to provide absolute furniture to the students to achieve their goals. When the establishment of a laboratory setting, having good quality furniture is essential so the students can work effectively.

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Code: A1001
Bench Top Gooseneck water tap
Code: A1006
Double head bench top U type water tap
Code: A1030
Single head cold & hot Goose neck Water Tap
Code: A1001
bench top double head 180 degree gas cock
Code: A1106u
bench top four head gas cock
Code: large
K-75 Universal fume Extraction Hood
Code: A2006
Bench Top Universal Fume Extractor Hood
Code: A3001
Single Head Bench Top 304 Stainless Steel Goose Water Tap
Code: A4002
Double head Bench Top Eye wash
Code: A4009
Pedaled Floor Type Shower & Eye Wash
Code: A5001
SNP 10 Small Cup
Code: A5003
SNP 15 Small Cup
Code: A5009
PP Dry Rack

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